On Being a Melanated Author

I know I'm not some best-selling author or someone with a huge following, but I still have to say something. I'm sure all of you know about what happened to George Floyd over a week ago. There's been awesome support with peaceful protests and even people outside of America have been calling out the cops … Continue reading On Being a Melanated Author

All of my books are 99 cents! #StayAtHomeSale

https://books2read.com/ap/8pBOGR/C-M-B-Bell I hope everyone is doing their best to be safe and healthy in these scary times. I know people who've been doing some reading as they stay indoors. Hopefully, I can add to your ebook collections. Every single one of my books for sale are now 99 CENTS! Besides the Hollanduscosm series and my … Continue reading All of my books are 99 cents! #StayAtHomeSale