Finally reached 102 followers!

It's been a very time coming, but this actually happened. I have 102 followers with 100 of them being other bloggers following the page. Even though I haven't been as active on here as I should, this was still something that made me happy. Thank you to everyone who has followed the page and read … Continue reading Finally reached 102 followers!



I looked at my stats on this blog, and found out that I had 100 followers. That's amazing! Thank you very much for following this fiction blog. I know I haven't been the best with updating everything, but it's good that there are some people who read my stuff here or my books in general.

101 Followers on TaleHunt!

This certainly surprised me. I finished serializing Telestic Estoc a couple of days ago on TaleHunt, and I know have 101 followers as of today. This is amazing! I'd like to thank my followers and anyone who's ever supported my fiction projects. Don't forget it's a free app and you can follow me @tocsinchronicle!

1000 posts!

Can you believe it? I made 1000 posts on my fiction blog! For a blog that's only been around for only a year, that's certainly a ton of content. Having Hollandus Landing and Gateway to the Empyrean certainly helped in increasing content on the blog. I'd like to thank anyone who's every bothered reading my … Continue reading 1000 posts!