Happy Belated Birthday, Hollandus Landing!

I haven't been on this blog a lot, but I had a realization. My cell phone novel Hollandus Landing is half a decade old. That is crazy to me. I know I don't have a lot of readers, but this is still an accomplishment. It forced me out of my shell to write this story … Continue reading Happy Belated Birthday, Hollandus Landing!


Saturday Sample Chapter: Jet Black Sorcery

Here's Jet Black Sorcery! This is a dark fantasy tale set in the Hollanduscosm. For those that have read Hollandus Landing, you're in luck because three characters return for this book. Don't forget that it's only 99 cents! WARNING! This contains MAJOR spoilers from Hollandus Landing! You've been warned! [Chapter 1 Part I] Hollandus Landing … Continue reading Saturday Sample Chapter: Jet Black Sorcery

One more week until 6 new Hollanduscosm books drop!

That's right everybody! It's just 7 days away until the latest books in the Hollanduscosm will be released. They're all 99 cents each and a great addition to you eBook library especially if you've read Hollandus Landing first (it's very imperative before diving into Jet Black Sorcery, DVC, or even Quaternion Extrication).Here are the links.DVCJet … Continue reading One more week until 6 new Hollanduscosm books drop!

Saturday Sample Chapter: Quaternion Extrication

Here's Quaternion Extrication! This shorter cell phone novel is part of my much larger Hollanduscosm series. It involves four people part of a small unit investigation the Exomoon case. Feel free to pre-order this book for only 99 cents and it comes out on September 15th! WARNING! The book and sample chapters contain MAJOR spoilers … Continue reading Saturday Sample Chapter: Quaternion Extrication