Saturday Sample Chapter: Revezia Infrasound Larceny

Chapter 1:

 There is a planet called Revezia.

 This particular place houses a few supercontinents all containing their own unique cultures and forms of technology. One supercontinent in particular is Realtai. It is the most technologically advanced part of the planet as futuristic fuel sources are common, hovering transportation is the norm, and even magic … Continue reading Saturday Sample Chapter: Revezia Infrasound Larceny


2 More Weeks Until 4 New Revezia Books Drop!

2 more weeks, everyone! Feel free to get these new books in the Revezia universe! Infrasound Larceny (Cell Phone Novel for 99 cents): Electrum Volume 1 (Novelette for $1.99): Electrum Volume 2 (Novelette for $1.99): Electrum Volume 3 (Novelette for $1.99):

Revezia comes TOMORROW!

All of these Revezia books will be released this Friday, and I'm really stoked that my first novel series will be shown to the public. Feel free to check it out! Terminal Rescue: Shattered Crowns: Praxis of the Disenchanted: Tales from the Mage Colony: Don’t forget that the Revezia Sampler is … Continue reading Revezia comes TOMORROW!

Revezia: Tales from the Mage Colony Pre-order and Synopsis

Revezia is an anachronistic planet with all these varying levels of magic and technology. This world has been a host of numerous stories with heroes and villains. The Mage Colony is a penal community in Galbion. In Galbion, it's the only super-continent that has no magic at all. Magic-using criminals are de-powered and sent to … Continue reading Revezia: Tales from the Mage Colony Pre-order and Synopsis