Chocolate Volcano Eruption (A Lunch Date Gone Wrong Prompt)

The chocolate volcano flowed peacefully at first in this sweet lunch date between Jessica and Aidan. They would assume the best under the full moon. After getting a salad for each, things got chaotic. The volcano erupted with fudge to draw the attention of everyone. "This has never happened before!" a waiter screamed. The chocolate … Continue reading Chocolate Volcano Eruption (A Lunch Date Gone Wrong Prompt)


Cinema Incensed

The critic balked once more at another week in the theater. "Wow lame has Hollywood become?" He vented. "If they aren't going to try creating new stories, then why should I try with my next post?" He drove back home chugged an iced mocha latte and went to work. "Grade: D-..."


Drip, drop. The skies burst open and poured onto the thirsty ground. People head inside by the droves. The cloudy skies masquerade the sunshine while everyone’s joy becomes obscured. Well, almost everybody. Denise smiled inside her home as her window revealed the wet world outside. She put the pencil to paper and sketched out something. … Continue reading Downpour