I wasn’t wanted.

The paralyzing fear overcame me again. What good was it to keep writing when no one paid attention to your works? I wasn't wanted. I mean, why bother being the author I aspired to be?


4 New Revezia Books Are Released TOMORROW!

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Saturday Sample Chapter: Revezia Infrasound Larceny

Chapter 1:

 There is a planet called Revezia.

 This particular place houses a few supercontinents all containing their own unique cultures and forms of technology. One supercontinent in particular is Realtai. It is the most technologically advanced part of the planet as futuristic fuel sources are common, hovering transportation is the norm, and even magic … Continue reading Saturday Sample Chapter: Revezia Infrasound Larceny

1 More week until the Hollanduscosm books will be released!

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