6 New Hollanduscosm Cell Phone Novels are HERE!

It's finally time! As of today, you can order my newest cell phone novels in the Hollanduscosm universe for 99 cents a piece! Here's some new reads for you. I hope you're all doing well and being safe in these times. Kenmozukai ProtectorateReality Gear MastersJet Black SorceryDVC: Dimensional Vanguard CorpsSt. Keisuke AcademyQuaternion Extrication

Saturday Sample Chapter: DVC

Here's DVC! This is one of my most action-oriented stories in the Hollanduscosm. Also, four characters from Hollandus Landing return for this tale, so if you really liked the first book, then you will see some familiar faces here. Don't forget to pre-order it for only 99 cents as it comes out September 15th! WARNING! … Continue reading Saturday Sample Chapter: DVC

One more week until 6 new Hollanduscosm books drop!

That's right everybody! It's just 7 days away until the latest books in the Hollanduscosm will be released. They're all 99 cents each and a great addition to you eBook library especially if you've read Hollandus Landing first (it's very imperative before diving into Jet Black Sorcery, DVC, or even Quaternion Extrication).Here are the links.DVCJet … Continue reading One more week until 6 new Hollanduscosm books drop!