Quang-Bao Van

Back in my hometown of Ho Chi Minh City, I was the most courageous hero in the city. It's such a freaking shame that people didn't appreciate my heroism. It must be my scarred face and being only 5'4". I saw some gangsters harassing some innocent people. It was as good a time as any … Continue reading Quang-Bao Van

Future Character Spotlight: Gavril Mircea/Dhampir

Happy New Year! This week's Future Character Spotlight involves a superhero that I came up with a few years ago. His real name is Gavril Mircea, but his nom de superhero if you will is Dhampir. He's a Moldovan-American man in his early twenties who is a mutant that gives him some vampire-esque looks. Dhampir … Continue reading Future Character Spotlight: Gavril Mircea/Dhampir

Future Character Spotlight: Sigrid

Here's the second edition of the Future Character Spotlight series! For this little story, I have written something for a completely different character for a fantasy series. This story is much more lighthearted than last week's. Her name is Sigrid. She's a dragoness who's quite snarky and tomboyish while also having an ability revolving around … Continue reading Future Character Spotlight: Sigrid