Future Character Spotlight: Gavril Mircea/Dhampir

Happy New Year! This week's Future Character Spotlight involves a superhero that I came up with a few years ago. His real name is Gavril Mircea, but his nom de superhero if you will is Dhampir. He's a Moldovan-American man in his early twenties who is a mutant that gives him some vampire-esque looks. Dhampir … Continue reading Future Character Spotlight: Gavril Mircea/Dhampir

Future Character Spotlight: Sigrid

Here's the second edition of the Future Character Spotlight series! For this little story, I have written something for a completely different character for a fantasy series. This story is much more lighthearted than last week's. Her name is Sigrid. She's a dragoness who's quite snarky and tomboyish while also having an ability revolving around … Continue reading Future Character Spotlight: Sigrid

Crimson Sunlight: A Complete Twiction Serial in 7 Chapters

Lanford McCartie fell into a land adorned with gray with a crimson sunlight. "How did I get here?" he wondered. "It was that necklace." __ That malachite arrow necklace brought him to this strange world as soon as he donned it. Then, Lanford saw shadows crawling towards him. __ "Holy crap! What's going on?" Landford … Continue reading Crimson Sunlight: A Complete Twiction Serial in 7 Chapters


Drip, drop. The skies burst open and poured onto the thirsty ground. People head inside by the droves. The cloudy skies masquerade the sunshine while everyone’s joy becomes obscured. Well, almost everybody. Denise smiled inside her home as her window revealed the wet world outside. She put the pencil to paper and sketched out something. … Continue reading Downpour