The Bad Guy Chapter

Alice Cooper really had a point there. My life was nothing but a plastered smile and rejected politeness. I was raised to be courteous and to be the best gentleman out there. A lot of good that did. All I heard for years was... “Yeah, whatever.” “What a pushover.” “You’re boring.” I could mention some … Continue reading The Bad Guy Chapter

Scrap Row

“This is the most repugnant New Year’s Eve ever.” There was Stephanie 1890 sitting in a cell that was darker than pitch black. If there was any lighting, one could see her bronze body adorned with a brown dress and silver-plated goggles while her hair was in a bun. “I’ve was created in the year … Continue reading Scrap Row

Decoys for Desolation (A Parody of Apocalyptic Stories)

“Breaking news: An asteroid is headed towards Earth!” Every newspaper, talking head pundit, and online news source had that line plastered for all to see regardless of which media they partook in. Like clockwork, the home improvement stores sold out of lumber, nails, hammers, and chains. The supermarkets became desolate because of the increase in … Continue reading Decoys for Desolation (A Parody of Apocalyptic Stories)