6 New Hollanduscosm Cell Phone Novels are HERE!

It's finally time! As of today, you can order my newest cell phone novels in the Hollanduscosm universe for 99 cents a piece! Here's some new reads for you. I hope you're all doing well and being safe in these times. Kenmozukai ProtectorateReality Gear MastersJet Black SorceryDVC: Dimensional Vanguard CorpsSt. Keisuke AcademyQuaternion Extrication


One more week until 6 new Hollanduscosm books drop!

That's right everybody! It's just 7 days away until the latest books in the Hollanduscosm will be released. They're all 99 cents each and a great addition to you eBook library especially if you've read Hollandus Landing first (it's very imperative before diving into Jet Black Sorcery, DVC, or even Quaternion Extrication).Here are the links.DVCJet … Continue reading One more week until 6 new Hollanduscosm books drop!

Saturday Sample Chapter: Quaternion Extrication

Here's Quaternion Extrication! This shorter cell phone novel is part of my much larger Hollanduscosm series. It involves four people part of a small unit investigation the Exomoon case. Feel free to pre-order this book for only 99 cents and it comes out on September 15th! WARNING! The book and sample chapters contain MAJOR spoilers … Continue reading Saturday Sample Chapter: Quaternion Extrication

Quaternion Extrication synopsis and notes

[WARNING! Spoilers from Hollandus Landing ahead!] After the Exomoon bombs hit Hollandus Landing, there was so much speculation as to what happened. What the media didn't report right away was other towns across the Illinois/Wisconsin border had their own Exomoon attacks there. This was a job for the United Omniversal Alliance as they had a … Continue reading Quaternion Extrication synopsis and notes

Saturday Sample Chapter: St. Keisuke Academy

Here's St. Keisuke Academy! This is my other Hollanduscosm book that takes place on the planet Chojin World much like Kenmozukai Protectorate. This one is a drama involving a conspiracy at an elite private school. Not only that, but I incorporate some parody and homage elements despite being a serious story. Don't forget to pre-order … Continue reading Saturday Sample Chapter: St. Keisuke Academy