Four Centuries…Never Forget

I was the collective spirit of those afflicted watching all of those in chains. Constant tears were raised to the heavens and taking at least 100 million souls upward was tragic. Blood soaked the ground long before they separated from the other colonies. Savagery became rampant, but it didn't come from those declared savages. I … Continue reading Four Centuries…Never Forget


Saturday Sample Chapter: Transparent Sabbath

Here's my 2nd ever Saturday Sample Chapter! This one is for my horror/dark fantasy novelette Transparent Sabbath. You'll be getting a prologue and the first chapter proper. WARNING: Contains violent scenes. Prologue: Five years ago in this alternate twenty-first century, dimensional rifts have opened up across America. Multitudes of demons have wreaked havoc across this … Continue reading Saturday Sample Chapter: Transparent Sabbath

1 Week Until My Books Are Released! (And some info about Transparent Sabbath)

ONE MORE WEEK! That's right, just one more week until my upcoming books are released to the public. For this week, I'll be talking a little bit about my other novelette Transparent Sabbath. This particular novelette was my first time trying something with horror themes. It was a Camp NaNoWriMo project like Piteraq Dusk that … Continue reading 1 Week Until My Books Are Released! (And some info about Transparent Sabbath)

Character Interview: Wentworth from Transparent Sabbath

Here's an interview with one of my characters. It's the demon slayer Wentworth from my novelette Transparent Sabbath. C. M. B. Bell: Alright, everyone. Say hello to Wentworth! How's it going? Wentworth: I'm alright, Mr. Bell. CMBB: Sure. Tell us a little bit about yourself. W: Yes. I'm based in Ela City, Illinois, but I'm … Continue reading Character Interview: Wentworth from Transparent Sabbath