1000 tales on Talehunt!

As of right now, I have posted 1000 tales on my Talehunt account! That's something I would've never expected to happen. I guess it helps when you serialize some stories on there like Telestic Estoc or Revezia: Sika Uvira Chronicle. I don't know how many of you have paid attention to that and other stories. … Continue reading 1000 tales on Talehunt!


900+ Tales on Talehunt!

I recently noticed something on the Talehunt app as I was "playtesting" characters for a future series. I had posted over 900 tales on that platform. Wow, this was something unexpected. Sure, a good chunk of them were chapters from Telestic Estoc and Revezia: Sika Uvira Chronicle when I serialized them on there, but that's … Continue reading 900+ Tales on Talehunt!

Revezia: Sika Uvira Chronicle is available on NoiseTrade!

Synopsis: Kasamba Baraka is an engineering entrepreneur of sorts. He has created machines and devices that can use numerous forms of energy and can even neutralize magic. However, he has several bouts of self-loathing going on. Things would take a different turn as he gets hired as an independent contractor to work with the tech-savvy … Continue reading Revezia: Sika Uvira Chronicle is available on NoiseTrade!