Revezia: Sika Uvira Chronicle Synopsis

Kasamba Baraka is one introverted man from Galbion who is on the breakthrough of some engineering discovery. Despite being from a mana-free portion of Revezia, he is able to use computer systems to neutralize hexes and to convert mana into renewable energy. Kasamba gets a job to help this small, yet technologically advanced domed town … Continue reading Revezia: Sika Uvira Chronicle Synopsis

101 Followers on TaleHunt!

This certainly surprised me. I finished serializing Telestic Estoc a couple of days ago on TaleHunt, and I know have 101 followers as of today. This is amazing! I'd like to thank my followers and anyone who's ever supported my fiction projects. Don't forget it's a free app and you can follow me @tocsinchronicle!