Revezia comes TOMORROW!

All of these Revezia books will be released this Friday, and I'm really stoked that my first novel series will be shown to the public. Feel free to check it out! Terminal Rescue: Shattered Crowns: Praxis of the Disenchanted: Tales from the Mage Colony: Don’t forget that the Revezia Sampler is … Continue reading Revezia comes TOMORROW!

Revezia: Terminal Rescue Synopsis and Pre-Order Link

Revezia is an anachronistic planet with super-continents of varying degrees of technology and magic. This world has been a bastion of stories with numerous heroes and villains in this patchwork of multiple mysterious elements to it. For this tale, we have Prince Shamakani of Excelsior Kingdom in the super-continent of Desideria. He has taken the … Continue reading Revezia: Terminal Rescue Synopsis and Pre-Order Link