Saturday Sample Chapter: Quaternion Extrication

Here's Quaternion Extrication! This shorter cell phone novel is part of my much larger Hollanduscosm series. It involves four people part of a small unit investigation the Exomoon case. Feel free to pre-order this book for only 99 cents and it comes out on September 15th! WARNING! The book and sample chapters contain MAJOR spoilers … Continue reading Saturday Sample Chapter: Quaternion Extrication

Give Me 5: Hollandus Landing

I need to try something new for my blog after not posting anything for a while. I'm going to call my segment "Give Me 5". This will be a little post about 5 fun facts about the books and stories I've written. Let's start with Hollandus Landing. 1. Hollandus Landing is the longest cell phone … Continue reading Give Me 5: Hollandus Landing